The UNIT Docs

Why do we need UNIT?

Our Motivation and Mission
Crypto/Web3/Blockchain is a whole new era. Us coming into this exciting space often see ourselves surrounded by noise from the greatest next projects. However, we don't always want to expose ourselves to great losses or invest all of our time in cryptocurrency.
UNIT gives us a way to follow the entire crypto market, and invest in the space as a whole, instead of in some individual projects. UNIT also takes away the stress of managing our crypto portfolio, freeing us up to concentrate on other crucial and meaningful tasks.
Moreover, with its centralization and perpetual inflation, traditional fiat currency is losing its capacity to serve as a value measure in crypto, and the increasing fragmentation in the space is impeding crypto's growth and adoption.
To address all these issues, crypto also needs a common benchmark and unit of account. A unified cryptocurrency space could transform the landscape, fostering the seamless integration of this new world into daily life. UNIT also fulfills this role.