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The UNIT Governance

UN is our governance and utility token
UNIT is governed by the selection criteria and index formula algorithms. In turn, these algorithms can be slightly changed by the global community of contributors through voting mechanisms using the governing token of The UNIT, UN.
The UN holders govern The UNIT by using UN to vote on proposals. The governance token for The UNIT is designed initially to govern the algorithm through a minimal set of governing voting processes. There is a grace period in which UN holders can veto an approved proposal if it is considered risky to the system.
As the road map unwraps, we will carry out a rollout on the most extensive and most widely accepted asset-enabled transactional layers, including but not limited to Ethereum.
Governing processes are carried out using state-of-the-art voting and governing tools, and governing contracts are deployed to carry out the processes. The community and UN holders will be in charge of adapting the processes to the latest standards.
Tools like Snapshot or Tally are used to vote on proposals, and a governance forum is used to discuss them. Governing processes are both community standards and current innovations.
UN resources are outlined in The UNIT's Resources paper.